"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Even Flow

I've been on a new kick this week, trying to set small and achievable goals for myself both in terms of taking on the often overwhelming sea of responsibilities with which I contend, and in improving the general quality of my life. So far I have a few things working:

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In Which I Enumerate What I've Been Doing Instead Of Blogging

So, what's been going on? Clearly I'm not doing a great job of expressing myself in the written word, and aside from what you might intuit from Twitter there's been precious little to go on in terms of my life and times. If it's any consolation, I've been similarly vague and opaque in real life too; when conversation turns to me and myself these days I've been full of noncommittal generalities.

The truth is, a lot is happening, so much and so constantly that I'm not really keeping up with the processing. The spiritual backlog is growing, technical debt to the soul.

One big thing that's been happening is that I met a woman. When I've revealed that to my friends of late I say it with italics — "I met a woman" — and with a kind of level eye-look that tells them I'm serious. She's out in New York City, a Lawyer by trade, double Ivy, South Asian, whipsmart and gorgeous (natch) and loves to dance. Her name is Rina and she's inspired some quality prose and two weekend visits back East this spring thus far.

It's geographically improbable, but I'm uncharacteristically sanguine. We have passed beyond initial worries that spending 72 hours together might become unbearable — that we won't actually like one another upon close examination — and into the subsequent worry that oh hey we actually do, and so now what.

Did I mention she's moving to London? Oh, yeah, she's moving to London, but again I'm uncharacteristically optimistic. However, it is beginning to dawn on me that this may actually be kind of unpleasant. Time will tell. I play the long game.

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Growing Up In My Own Way

That's right, today I am Thirty One (31) years of age. Been feeling nostalgic for all sorts of things in general — getting ready to move out of Westhaven, for instance — so will hopefully have something nice to write about that soon. Also working on a redesign!

In the meantime, here's a tune:

Age Like Wine by Todd Snider

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In Which I Fall Victim To Chrome Marketing


I'll start playing with Chrome. After all, Tony made it (which he kept secret from us for like two years — well done there, Google NDA) and it really does appear to be the new hotness.

However, the coolness of this video also provides a little insight into Google's strategy. They spent money on this, whereas Google Wave had a developer demo and some shitty screencast. That's a datapoint.

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Run run run run run run

It's been a hell of a run since tax day. I think I spent $300 on parking (including tickets, natch), got a glorious weekend in NYC, found an actual place to lay my head for the next few weeks I'm in SF, and am on my way back home to Humboldt tomorrow.

Lots and lots to say. I really want to get the writing habit back in gear, but the spare energy is hard to come by these days.

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