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Various and Sundry

I'm a bad blogger! Maybe it's because my life feels boring. Need to get out and adventure more so I can have something worth writing about. Well, here's what's going on:

  • Well, I'm back in SF for a couple weeks. Actually, I'm here for the weekend, then in Boston for next week, then back here for another 10 days.
  • Cornell Club Housewarming party on the 15th! That's also St. Paddy's, so it should be a rager. Load up your guns. Bring your friends.
  • Ye olde website was down for a bit. Sorry. The poor cruddy VPS needs an overhaul, but who's got the time?
  • March is looking like a worky month. I got sort of burned out over the holidays (what with the lack of holiday-taking) and never really got to recover, just slowed down enough to catch my breath. Somehow I need to muster up some zazz for another six weeks. I think I can just play engineer for the most part, but I need to refresh my perspective, rediscover the rationale or whatever.
  • Been missing NYC a lot lately, mainly while listening to the LCD Soundsystem.
  • I should be getting a swanky Mission Bicycle pretty soon here. It's going to be matte black with red wheels and bullhorn handlebars. I think I will call it "The Cobra."
  • Awesome billboard hacking.
  • Six word biographies; a cool idea.

That's about all I got... it's Saturday and we're gonna do a little BBQing in the back yard, then head into the city for some partytime.

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