"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Beat, Heat, Meat

Last night I went out on a sorta-date to see the eviscerated chinamen exhibit (a.k.a. "Bodies," and I recommend it) and then to make party at the co-working spot where I've been hanging out all week. The shindig was a good medium between networking and debauchery. All this is catching up with me though. I am tired. I am weary. I could sleep for hundred years.

It's 72 degrees here in NYC and I spent the afternoon in shorts sunning myself on a rock in Central Park. We're all gonna die, but we might as well enjoy ourselves in the mean time, oui?

And now I'm here in the Slope. Just had sushi with Danya (a.k.a. the Belle du Mois) who was my squeeze this time last year. She's a catch, that one. Makes me wonder.

Neil Young is playing and I'm at the tea lounge on my old stool in the corner, feeling whistful. I liked this life I had here in many ways. It wasn't working, but it was good. Maybe I'll come back to it one day.

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The Fighting 110th!

It's opening day of the political season folks, and this ones going to be wild with the fightin' 110th Congress set to take center stage for the year. In fact, the media/horserace primary for Edwards, Hillary, Obama et al will largely be about who can be the best spokesperson for the real action going on inside the Dome. That's good. Real things are happening.

Two quick examples:

Apropops what I said the other day, Rep. Murtha is set to deny Bush funding for escalation in Iraq (an excellent first step).

On a more rhetorical note (talk matters), Rep. Frank says Katrina is "ethnic cleansing by inaction." Damn. He also wants to let shareholders vote on CEO pay. Double-damn.

These are good signs. Have a little hope today.

I'm going to be moving my politics blogging to Future Majority (just as most of my tech is going to the work blog). The OJ is going to keep driving on that wild bohemian values kick, maybe with some kind of fancy-ass aggregator page for the real stalkers out there.

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Guitar Hero

Oh my goodness. this shit rules. My mom has been talking up Guitar Hero to me after her experience doing it for her big LAN parties at the EMU, but I played it last night with my political gang over at Fred's and I now understand what all the hype is about. It's awesome!

I see a near-future where you have a pocket-amp-sized device that plugs into the controller port and has a standard pickup which can actually teach people to play guitar for real; online concerts are coming soon. Twelve-year-olds will love this stuff.

On the side, we also got to watch the technological equivalent of Girls Gone Wild, which is funny too.

Anyway, NYC is treating me well as usual, although I am beginning to pine for the routine and comfort of home. I still have some road ahead though: five more days here and than at least three or four in SF doing some meetings and (cross fingers) attempting to buy a car.

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Politics Is Broken (I Said It Once Before But It Bears Repeating)

Bush is reportedly set to roll out his plan to escalate the occupation in Iraq, following along with the heir-apparent "McCain Doctrine" and explicitly rejecting all the elements of that big bipartisan "we've got your ass covered, George" committee that family consigliare Howard Baker fixed up.


Whether or not Nancy's House and/or Harry's Gang stomps on this will be a major test for the new year. Bush has no public support for this or any other plan of escalation, and nobody with a shred of strategic insight believes it will do anything but get more people killed quicker. This shouldn't happen.

Stomp it. Stomp it right now and make it the spine-breaker for this pathetic lame duck asshole. The C-in-C is drunk, or at least acting like it. Take his keys.

Also, to all my neo-hippie kin: this summer would be a great time to ramp up some big old protests. Climate's right, and it plays into a lot of evolving dynamics. Let's get on top of this and have someone with brains organize it rather than leaving it up to ANSWER, eh?

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Slogan for 2007

Credit to Jai (Jill's friend who we were hanging out with) for coming up with this:

2007: It's a Double-Oh-Seven Year

I'm not sure exactly what the best way to phrase it is, but I think that's a winner because it's clever, upbeat and best of all true.

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